Our mission is continuous patient care, with the latest treatment methods, equipment and technology, in line with international standards of quality and safe health care at all levels


– be a referral regional center for the provision of high quality medical services from various areas of hospital health care in the Republic of Croatia.

– become a clinical institution that will continually and plan to develop the profession, scientific research and teaching activities for all profiles of medical staff and beyond.


Values form the basis of our mission:

1. Understanding and Understanding the Needs of Patients.

2. Responsibility and transparency in work.

3. Teamwork that encourages the sharing of the necessary information and the active participation of all employees in the work.

4. Excellence that we achieve through constant competence development, professional education and the acquisition of the necessary equipment and technology.

5. Quality and safety in the work we achieve through the application of standardized international protocols for treatment and control checklists.

6. Innovation achieved by introducing new evidence based on established and approved technologies.

7. Improving the process of work that we achieve by continuous evaluation on multiple levels.